"I choose topics that mean something to me, moments or images of the places I have lived, sometimes situations that I want to communicate something or images that highlight certain values, leading them towards an abstraction that connotes the feeling: in the line, shapes, colours, which materialize spontaneously on the canvas, the pure expression that tells us who we are, sometimes not only referring to oneself, but empathizing with human emotion, others experiences that we feel them like ours and we turn them over the canvas.

In some of my exhibitions I try to reflect the theme of Development through art: through colours, shapes and spatula movements, to raise awareness about extreme poverty, gender equality, prosperity and entrepreneurship.

I focus on the content, and all the elements tells that experience, from the colours, the strokes, the textures, the layers. Sometimes in improvisation, in the exploration of colour and movement, we are representing that moment in which the work is created. Discovering the important and lasting, a spiritual situation that has a great significance for us, images loaded with magical power, like the value of art for the primitives. Simplicity and spontaneity in the stroke, colors, shapes, and in reaching the emotional atmosphere of the memory or the present, where the strength of the pure colors and the light in the composition would make us live that moment, that experience where the work takes us.

The challenge is to communicate our feelings on the canvas, where all the elements dialogue with each other and at the same time dialogue with the viewer. It is Conceptual Art. Conceptualism.

Some artists who have inspired me are Pablo Picasso, as well as the Expressionist movement in their pretention of reaching the psychological aspect of the sensory impression, where the pure colors would be serving the expressive possibilities. "

"Everyone wants to understand art, why don’t they try to understand the song of a bird?" Pablo Picasso (Art History by Gombrich)